HeyOrca has an amazing lineup of features that can help social media managers take back their day and save time! The Content Library is one of those amazing features. It can help you save time by creating a space for your Evergreen Content!

Our main goal behind the features we create is to make sure that Social Media Managers everywhere can save time and create content effectively.

One of those features is none other than HeyOrca’s Content Library.

HeyOrca’s Content Library is a space where you can create, organize, and get approvals on social media posts, without assigning them to a date or time.
It’s a powerful tool for digital marketers to save time on creating content. You can save posts so that you can send them to HeyOrca’s content calendar anytime.
We’re going to take a look at the benefits of using HeyOrca’s Content Library Feature, and what YOU can do to improve your evergreen content game!

What does Evergreen Content Mean?

If you’re new to Social Media Management of Digital Marketing, you may not know what Evergreen content is!

Think of Evergreen content in social media as re-usable, relatable content that your team can use throughout the year. During a slow content period, you can use evergreen content that you’ve set aside to fill gaps in your schedule. This can be beneficial to re-promote your brand’s assets.

This content could be anything from blog articles, how-to guides, holidays, or anything you think would be valuable to re-promote!

Need inspiration for your own Evergreen Content Plan? Check out this guide from Hubspot to brainstorm ideas!

Examples of Creating Evergreen Content in HeyOrca

For evergreen content, you can save yourself time and effort by creating them in the content library! These types of posts could be social media holidays, birthdays, or even recurring promotions.
First, you’ll need to create your post in the Content Library. Once you are happy with how it looks, you can schedule it out to the HeyOrca content calendar for publishing by using the “Copy to Calendar” icon!

Another use for the content library is to have a backlog of social media post templates. These would include captions that your team prefers when scheduling content or images. Here’s an example of a template where a copy structure is in a post within the content library!

Below is an example of what a social post template could look like in HeyOrca’s Content Library:

You can create a post in the Content Library, and pre-fill your Social Media Post Template, making it easy to fill in the details as you go. Now you have your content structure ready to go whenever you need it!

Sharing Evergreen Posts from the Content Library for Approval

HeyOrca’s Approval process makes it easy to get your evergreen content by your clients, but did you know that you can also get Approval in the content library? On HeyOrca’s Content Calendar, you can select posts by a date range by clicking on the check boxes located to the left of each post. Once you’ve made your selection, click the “Share” button on the top right of your Content Library. When your team or clients use this link, they will see your Content library content instead of the calendar!

Once your Content Library posts receive approval, you can schedule them to the HeyOrca Calendar as many times as you want. This saves you time in your content creation process!

Save Evergreen Posts to the Content Library from the Calendar

Looking to save a copy of your post that you have scheduled to publish? Open your post editor, and click the “books” icon to save a copy of your post on the calendar to the Content Library!
This is a great time-saving feature to save content to reference for templates, or even to edit later in the Content Library for future use for an Evergreen Content campaign!

Scheduling Evergreen Posts to the Content Calendar

Ready to send the Evergreen Posts from your Content Library to your calendar? Open the post in the Content Library that you want to publish, and click the Calendar icon. This will allow you to schedule your post.

Your post won’t disappear from the content library when you schedule it. Posts are copied from the library so you don’t have to worry about losing them!

The Content Library is also a great place to preview posts without assigning a publishing time or date. They will only be scheduled if you choose to place them on the HeyOrca calendar!

Using Event Strips as Reminders for Evergreen Content

Event strips are great for visual reminders on your calendar, but have you used them for evergreen content reminders?

Use Event Strips to remind your team about Recurring content days such as social media holidays, birthdays, and even work anniversaries!

Setting these events to repeat is easy – just increase your repeat count so that you can save time by having the events repeat on their own!


There are so many different ways that you can create content in HeyOrca! The possibilities are endless with the HeyOrca Content Library. You don’t just have to use the content library either! There are many features in HeyOrca that can help you with recurring content.

Make sure to visit our Traning Modules section to watch video tutorials all about HeyOrca!

What did you think of this article? Do you have another way that you use HeyOrca for your Evergreen Social Media Content? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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