Day 1 of Facebook F8 just concluded! Ryan and I sat down to talk about all things F8. We compiled the most relevant takeaways into a slide deck that you can download below.

Here’s the TL;DR version of the keynote courtesy of the HeyOrca Pod 😉

Facebook Messenger

  • What got updated?
    • Dedicated space in messenger for close friends
    • Be able to view status, IG, Whatsapp, Stories Updates
  • What does this mean to marketers?
    • Increase your discoverability by having a presence in messenger
    • Messenger will be a place where your audience will interact with you via DMs and messenger bot

Facebook Groups

  • What got updated?
    • Easier access to Facebook groups
    • Easier sharing to Facebook groups
    • Enhanced functionality for group members to interact
    • Facebook groups get its own tab and feed
  • What does this mean to marketers?
    • Facebook groups are the new newsfeed
    • Invest in a community


  • What got updated?
    • Camera area got a redesign to encourage content creation
    • De-emphasizing follower count
    • Private like count
    • Features to help mental health
    • Access to AR
  • What does mean to marketers?
    • Influencer marketing on Instagram will only gain momentum – start thinking about how this applies to your brand
    • Move away from like as a metric
    • Optimize for comments/ story views/ story engagement

Download The Recap Slides Here 👇

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