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Who are you? What is your background?

Agency life was always something that intrigued me. In my last year of my business degree, I started competing in marketing case competitions. I got my first taste of the agency world when my team placed in the top 10 for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.

I subsequently landed an internship with General Motors Canada, and spent my first post-university summer working as an integrator between 5 agencies in the advertising department. As I listened to pitches for experiential marketing campaigns, influencer programs, and social media ads, I found myself longing to be on the other side of the table.

I left GM in Ontario to work for a brand new agency at home in Newfoundland, and just 8 months later, found myself running my own agency with a handful of clients. It’s been 5 years now, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

How would you describe Reflective Marketing?

Reflective Marketing is a social media agency that focuses on helping businesses get known and grow their customer base. We’re a small, nimble team, and we love working hand in hand with business owners, marketers, and salespeople. Clients often say we feel like a part of their team, not just a vendor, and we love getting to know their business intimately.

What does Reflective Marketing do especially well? What is your speciality?

There are two things we do really, really well:

  • 1) Adopting the voice of a business. We’re writers who began in social media management, and more than half of our clients continue to hire us to act as their brand on social media. We’ve been a B2B telecommunications company, an American male dating coach and public figure, a family-owned bakery, and a home-building trade show. We can emulate any brand voice without detection, so your secret weapon for social media success is safe with us!
  • 2) Generating leads for small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook. Running ads for clients has become a huge piece of our business particularly in the last two years, and we’ve spent thousands of dollars being trained by some of the best in the business for Facebook Ads. Pairing this with our compelling writing skills and ability to engage audiences in conversation, we’ve seen incredible results for clients looking to generate more leads and grow their business.

How would you describe your workplace/office culture?

As our most recent intern said, “it’s really chill.” Our office is quiet, we have comfy chairs and nice lamps for lighting, and we try to keep things pretty zen. We work hard during the time that we’re at the office, but we don’t believe in overnighters for deadlines or any of the typical agency horror stories you hear. We are very much a team, we share the workload, and we have fun, too. We like our clients to feel at ease and at home when they walk through the door.

What are you most proud of that your agency has done?

More than anything, I’m incredibly proud of the team we’ve built. They’re driven, fun, positive, and compassionate. They treat each client’s business as if it were their own, and they raise the bar for results with each new project. I love seeing them grow and evolve, and I am so grateful for the incredible care they take for our clients.

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