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Who are you? What is your background?

I’m Jason Hunt and I’m the CEO of Fresh Crowd, a Social Media ad agency that helps business owners harness the full potential of Facebook and Instagram advertising. Starting back in 2007 I got my feet wet with Facebook by using the platform to help my rock band gain fandom in Japan. Fast forward a decade and I now run a team of social media experts out of Toronto, Canada and have had the opportunity to speak to Facebook Advertising at conferences across the globe.

How would you describe Fresh Crowd?

Our team just doubled in size as we recently merged with a company specializing on the technical side of digital marketing thus forming Merged Media. We have hired a videographer to create a docuseries around the merging of our companies so be sure to follow our Instagram feed for the latest episodes: @mergedmedia.

What does Fresh Crowd do especially well? What is your speciality?

Our team is focused on the creative side of digital marketing which includes strategizing with the intent of driving a social media user down the journey to becoming a customer. We help produce video and photo content for small to medium sized businesses with the intent of leveraging these assets to build out a social media campaign.

How would you describe your workplace/office culture?

We don’t try to force culture. Culture is something that happens naturally. Ensuring the right people are in the right seats allows a culture to flourish on its own. Our employees are in office twice a week which allows us opportunities for collaboration. The work from home days allows our employees to get their work completed free from distraction.

Any advice in building a great client – agency relationship?

Always underpromise and overdeliver! Sales teams are so fixated on the sale so they’ll have a tendency to oversell a service. If you build an agency heavily focused on the customer service then the referral business will come and negate the need for a sales team.

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