Instagram is a fantastic opportunity for agencies. Not just for IG’s reach and engagement, but for the tools it gives your social media manager.

Instagram Stories are already a great feature that help build interest and drive interaction, but Instagram Stickers can take your engagement to a whole new level.

Why are Stickers so effective?

Instagram Stickers are good at turning passive viewers into active participants. They give followers another way to interact with your feed–and more ways for you to increase engagement for clients.

Engagement doesn’t mean anything by itself. The effectivity of the engagement depends on the context of the message and the nature of the action. In other words, you can turn Instagram Stickers into a tool for achieving real marketing objectives in a quantifiable way.

Let’s cover how it does that.

Different stickers for different marketing objectives

Instagram currently has 12 types of stickers available:

Current time
Emoji Slider
Music (Only available in US)

We’re only going to focus on dynamic stickers in this article; stickers that allow followers to interact.

Each of those dynamic stickers can fulfil a desirable marketing objective. Some stickers even fulfill more than one objective. The key is in the creative application and its relevance to your audience.

Let’s take a look at those objectives one at a time:

Objective 1: Getting Discovered

A location sticker on Instagram

The Location sticker is a fantastic way for people to discover you. Your Story will appear whenever someone searches for that location. This is especially useful for event marketing.

Adding a hashtag sticker to Instagram

The #Hashtag sticker performs in a similar fashion. Your Story will appear as a search result when someone looks for a particular hashtag. A single Story can have multiple hashtags, so don’t be shy about using them!

Objective 2: Building an Engaged Audience

Example of a poll sticker in Instagram

Polls are a common way to build engagement, but you can help your client stand out by becoming more creative in the way they’re used. For example, you can use Polls to let audiences participate in your storytelling process. The audience votes for what they see next! They are essentially curating the story for you.

Adding a question sticker on Instagram

A Question sticker helps turn your IG Story into an impromptu Q&A session or FAQ, and can even be used to facilitate an IG takeover! Don’t forget to reshare follower questions so that other people can see and be inspired to participate.

Oh, and no need to worry about getting awkward questions. Questions posted through the sticker can be screened individually.

Objective 3: Retain Attention

Example of a GIF sticker on Instagram

GIFs are a social media mainstay, but you can upgrade them in IG by applying CTAs. The GIF can then either encourage the audience to participate, redirect to your IG feed, or link to IG TV.

Adding an emoji slider sticker on Instagram

Emoji Sliders aren’t as engaging action-wise as GIFs or questions, but they do still open up opportunities for your viewers to engage. Try using them to provide feedback on posted content. You can pick which emojis to use on your slider.

Objective 4: Building Community

Example of a mention sticker in Instagram

@mention stickers are a community manager’s best friend. These encourage the audience to help tell your story for you. It also lets you use the IG Stories to tell the story of a customer, of a specific product, or even the entire company. And when you’re mentioned by others, be sure to share their stories on your own feed as well!

Objective 5: Building Hype

Example of a countdown sticker in Instagram

Countdown stickers excel at driving urgency to a particular post or Story. A Countdown sticker also lets you know how many people are interested and who they are!

Clever uses for Countdown stickers include advertising time-sensitive sales, promoting an upcoming broadcast, and building hype for a product announcement.

Countdowns can also be combined with other stickers. For example, You can use a Countdown sticker in conjunction with a Question sticker to gather questions for an upcoming AMA or takeover.

Objective 6: Converting Audiences

Want to win your audience’s undying loyalty? Build up interest with a few attention-grabbing IG Stories, then use Question stickers to increase conversions!

Post leading questions that prompt followers to sign up for a trial, more information, or a mailing list. Sweeten the deal by offering a promo or freebie, too.

Don’t just jump straight into the deal though; stick with the rule of thumb of 3-4 community building Stories first (that have no sales-y asks), then hit them with the Conversion Question.

In summary

IG Stickers activate audiences in a way that can fulfill marketing objectives and drive your social media success.

From attracting attention to building hype to converting followers to the next step on your funnel, Instagram Stickers do more than provide eye-candy. They can be a central part of your digital media growth.

Want to know more? Watch our recorded webinar to learn more effective tips and tricks for using Stickers to drive marketing objectives.

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