As a HeyOrca user, you already know the essentials – scheduling, editing, and uploading are just some of the things that you’ve mastered in HeyOrca. But What about approvals? Are you using the HeyOrca approvals as efficiently as possible, and so that time is saved for you and your clients? 

Here are some tips and tricks to take your Approvals to the next level in HeyOrca, and to make your clients’ lives so much easier!

Using Multi-Approvals in HeyOrca

When you need multiple people involved in the approval, it can be tricky to get all of the feedback that you need in order to publish your social media content. You may have sent emails, tagged clients in comments, or even had to call them to give verbal approval on a post. 

With HeyOrca Multi-approvals, you can easily set up the post to be approved by multiple people on your team. Whether those team members are internal or external, they can be included on a post for approval all at the same time. 

To create a multi-approval, open any post on the calendar, and click the approval stage button to “Awaiting Approval”:

Next, click on the gear icon displayed on the awaiting approval button. This will generate a list of internal and external members that you can add.

Select the team members that you’d like to include, then click the save button. You now have a post that requires the approval of all the team members that you’ve included in your selection!

Note: The post must receive approvals from all team members before a post is able to publish. If at least 1 team member asks for a revision, that post will need revision by default.

Interested in learning more about Approvals in HeyOrca? Watch our video tutorials here

Setting Up Approval Reminders for your Clients

During our hectic days as social media managers, it can be easy to miss an approval or two! Our clients are also extremely busy running their business, and they may not remember to check HeyOrca.

Approval Reminders send push email notifications to remind you or your clients of content that is still awaiting approval in the calendar. Approval Reminders make it easy to make sure all content is approved by you and your clients!

To set up Approval Reminders, head over to your calendar settings section by clicking the grey “Gear” Icon on your grey calendar navigation bar. 

From the Social Accounts page, click the “Reminders” tab. 

Now, you can set up who will receive Approval Reminders, and when! Click the drop-down menu designating the time that HeyOrca will remind you about upcoming content. You can select 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days before a post is due to publish. 

Now, it’s time to select who will be reminded for approvals! Click the check box next to each name you’d like to assign reminders to. This will automatically save your choices. The next time you have posts still awaiting approval, they will get an email reminder!

Want to learn more about setting up reminders for approvals? Check out our full-length guide here!

Using Bulk Approvals to Save Time in your Calendar

Do you ever have so many posts to approve, that it would take forever to approve them individually? Don’t worry, as you can approve posts in bulk in HeyOrca by using our bulk actions menu!

Besides making approvals easier, the Bulk Actions Menu can help you save time and make changes over a number of posts at once! 

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do with bulk actions, watch our video tutorial here

Here’s how you can start approving posts in bulk.

In your calendar view, select the posts that you want to approve. You can do think by clicking the checkboxes next to each post. You can also select posts in bulk by using the “Select Date Range” Button on your calendar.

Next, the bulk options drop-down menu will appear at the top right of your calendar. Click on the drop-down menu, and select the approval stage that you’d like to assign to your posts!

You can do this for any approval stage, including Multi-Approvals! 

Filtering by Approval Stages in HeyOrca

We all have moments when we’re looking for a particular post that needs approval, but we just can’t find it!

With the Filters feature in HeyOrca, this will make searching for those posts much easier!

Filters in HeyOrca allow you to sort your calendar by certain criteria so that it makes it easier to focus on similar posts. It can also make sharing content easier by only showing what you need in the calendar!

To start, click on the Filters button on your top navigation bar in the calendar. You will have a number of criteria that you can sort by, such as social accounts, approvals, and more. 

If you’d like to make finding posts in certain approval stages easier, click on the approval stage that you’d like to see content for. Now, the calendar will only show you what posts are in that stage of approval.

Pro Tip: If you’re batching your content that is awaiting approval and sending it to your client, click “Awaiting Approval” in the filters section! This will make it easier to select your content all at once, and generate a link all in a few clicks!


As a social media manager, we know that approvals are key to your social media content, as well as your working relationship with your clients!

These features were built to help you take back your day even more, and make your approval workflow easier than ever!

If you’re interested in learning more about HeyOrca, make sure to check out our Training Modules section on our website! Here you’ll find video tutorials on everything you need to know about HeyOrca!

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