It’s been said that if you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail. And it’s possible that the same could be said about your social media content. Agencies are hectic environments where everyone has a busy schedule. As fun as it can be to Tweet and post on the go, a large chunk of the social media content you’ll find brands posting are scheduled beforehand. This is especially the case for agencies whose stakeholders want to be involved in the content creation workflow.

So how can you create and plan engaging social media content while keeping stakeholders in the loop? Well, you’re in luck. We’re counting down the top 10 features that make HeyOrca the ultimate social media planning tool.

1. Shareable link

At the end of the day, the goal of HeyOrca is to make content planning between agencies and stakeholders, seamless. The ultimate feature that achieves this goal is the shareable link. Without needing any prior knowledge of HeyOrca, or even an account, by sharing a unique shareable link your stakeholders can view, approve, and comment on the selected content you’ve shared with them. No emails, no calls, no hassle.

2. Calendar and Timeline view

Some members of your team might like to see the overall scope of a campaign, while others may want to get up close and personal. HeyOrca offers both Calendar and Timeline view, so members of your team can access their campaigns anywhere along the viewing spectrum. Everyone wins!

3. Drag and Drop

This feature is the bee’s knees. Maybe you decide to reorganize your posts, or take your content in a different direction. What to do with the content you’ve already created? Via Calendar view, simply select an individual post then drag and drop to a new block date on the calendar. It will be scheduled for the original hour for that new date. Simple concept, but major game changer.

4. Audit Trail

Having second thoughts on changes you made to a post? Curious about how the post has evolved into the masterpiece it is now? And hey, which team members were working on this particular post? No matter the reason, HeyOrca gives you the ability to hop back in time via Audit Trail. Click the small red clock icon to see every tweak made to a post since creation!

5. Commenting and @mentioning

How are you communicating with your team members while working on social media content? I mean, you could send them an email with your comments and questions, but we all know how convoluted and disorganized inboxes can become. Solution – a tool that allows in-house commenting so every comment, question, or concern is easily accessible and identifiable.

When it comes to creating and approving content, you might also want the attention of particular team members. In that case, you can @mention any member of your team and they’ll receive a notification that they’ve been summoned! Just another way HeyOrca makes communication between team members easy.

6. Media Assets Library

So not only do you have a separate media assets library where you can add descriptions and tags to files for each of your clients, you can also edit your photos while creating social content without using any other applications. Can I get a boo-yah?

7. Personalized SMS number to text media (Exclusive to North America)

We’ve all be there – a camera roll full of photos or videos that we don’t really need. At an event or product launch and want to take some snaps to share with your audience? HeyOrca populates a SMS phone number so you can send media files directly to your own media library. So while you’re out of the office playing photographer, your colleagues back at the office can already start planning the social media content.

8. Tags

You can assign each post you create a Tag which will appear in a small box above the post. For example, you could use tags to identify different themes of content – like sneak peek or blog. Tags are another great way to organize your content and filter through posts when you’re in a jiffy!

9. @mentioning for Facebook & Twitter

While creating posts for both Facebook and Twitter , you can @mention accounts within HeyOrca! Simply type @ before the name of the account you want to mention and HeyOrca will populate a selection of accounts to choose from. It’s that simple! You no longer have to worry about copy and pasting names or accidentally mentioning the wrong account (we’ve all be there)

10. Export to Excel

While we’re seeing a trend in agencies opting for other tools besides spreadsheets to plan social media content, there are still those who want the option, their stakeholders included, of viewing content via spreadsheets. So, if you ever want to view your HeyOrca content in spreadsheet form, simply click the Export to Excel button, and all selected posts will be exported to a new excel spreadsheet file.

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