Looking to schedule Instagram posts using HeyOrca’s social media management tool for agencies? Keep reading to see the three different ways you can use HeyOrca to schedule and collaborate on Instagram posts.

Scheduling Instagram Posts is a feature that social media managers long for! πŸ™

With HeyOrca’s social media management and collaboration tool, you can do just that! πŸ™Œ

How to Schedule an Instagram Post in HeyOrca

With HeyOrca, you can:

  • Schedule Instagram posts using the visual editor

    • Single image posts – directly publish from HeyOrca with our one-time Buffer integration

    • Video, multi-image posts, and Stories – publish through the HeyOrca Mobile App or Email Publishing feature

  • See how scheduled posts will appear on your client or brands’ Instagram Grid and easily re-arrange posts with the Instagram Grid Preview tool

  • Collaborate and get approvals on your posts from clients or other key stakeholders

  • Report on your results

That being said, due to restrictions in Instagram’s API, it’s a feature that HeyOrca and all other social media management tools can provide, but with a few limitations.

Instagram’s API does not allow 3rd Party platforms to directly schedule:

3 Ways to Schedule Instagram Posts in HeyOrca

HeyOrca Instagram Direct Publishing Chart

1. Schedule Single-Image Instagram Posts directly from HeyOrca

HeyOrca integrates with Buffer to let you schedule single-image IG posts directly from the visual calendar. All you have to do is create a one-time connection between your free Buffer account and HeyOrca Calendar.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough on how you can schedule a single-image Instagram post in HeyOrca:

2. Schedule Stories, Videos, and Multi-Image Instagram Posts using the HeyOrca Mobile App

As you would with any other content, simply create your post in your HeyOrca calendar using the visual editor.

After the post has been approved, you’ll receive a mobile push notification at the time your post is scheduled to go out.

From the app, you’ll be taken directly to Instagram where:

  • The media will automatically download to your camera roll
  • The text will be copied to your clipboard
  • You can make additional edits to your post before pushing it live
HeyOrca Mobile App - How to Schedule Instagram Post

3. Schedule Instagram Posts using the HeyOrca Email Publishing feature

Much like the mobile app, you can use email notifications to publish Instagram Stories, Videos, and multi-image posts to Instagram using HeyOrca.

You’ll receive an email at the time your post is scheduled to launch that includes the text and image you scheduled from HeyOrca.

All you have to do is download the image, copy the text, and create your post within the Instagram app.

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