Remember the yellow pages? You’d flip through a book to find the category of business that you’re looking for and would be presented with a list. The phonebook has moved online and you search Google for a category of business, then they serve you with a list. In the yellow pages, you could pay for prime placement and would stay there for a year. What do you do on Google to get your business noticed when the listings are dynamic and can change every day?

Why you need a Google My Business account

For those of you who’ve never heard of Google My Business, it’s a free, easy-to-use tool that allows businesses with physical retail locations to manage how they appear on Google Search and Maps.

Manage is the key word here, since businesses are going to be cataloged and displayed on Google anyway. GMB gives you the ability to control what people see, how they can contact you, and update them over time.

Show up in Google search results

The same way that social networks display additional information about its users so that people can more easily find them and get to know them better (like location, work history, interests, etc.), Google My Business works as a profile for your business.


Providing and updating this information to Google can help to increase your visibility and can help make a customers experience a little bit easier. One Google search can provide them with a list of businesses that may meet their needs, addresses, phone numbers, business hours, websites, customer reviews, and more.

Customer reviews

Some businesses are resistant to social media and other forms of digital marketing because they’re afraid of negative feedback online. This is a legitimate concern but doesn’t solve the problem. People who have a poor experience with your business are going to tell people about it; wouldn’t it be better to be able to talk back to them?

GMB allows customers to leave star ratings and testimonials that are publicly visible. People who have been given access to manage the listing can reply to reviews to follow up or address concerns.

Encourage customers to leave reviews (and respond to them)

People put a lot of stock in online reviews. Everyone’s reviews and experiences are different but if the vast majority of people have had positive experiences at a particular business, then its a safe bet that new customers will, too.

It’s in Googles best interest to provide its users with quality listings and recommendations, so it’s in your best interest to get positive engagement on your profile. The companies with the most positive reviews will be pushed up in the search ranking.

Creating a Google My Business Post in HeyOrca!​

You can create a new post by clicking New Post on the calendar, and select the Google icon that will appear once you link a Google My Business channel:


Step 1: Add text and an image the same as you would for any post in HeyOrca 🎨



Step 2: Add a Call to Action button 📣

This will redirect your customers to a link of your choosing! If you would like to use your online shop, you can select an option such as buy or order online that can be chosen in the drop down menu. Once you choose a Call to Action button, you can copy and paste your link that you would like your users to be redirected to in the text box.




Now you can choose your desired call to action button and your post is ready for approval!! 🙌🙌🙌


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say! 👩‍💻

As a social media manager, GMB integration helped my business in a couple of ways:

1. Saved me time. Posting manually, which I could do only once a week for each client and sometimes I would miss some posts and that would affect my business negatively.

2. Consistency of my posts help my clients grow their GMB listing and it improves their overall google listing and affects their SEO in a positive way.

3. HeyOrca GMB posts always publishes. I have tried other GMB publishing platforms and on most of them you would still have issues – the post would not publish or something would be missing from the post. Not with HeyOrca.

4. Using one platform for my clients to approve and publish – workflow efficiency.
The latest updates that HeyOrca team implemented in their software changed my work life in general.

This is the first time in my business when I can offer my clients discount on my services making my business grow, because my workflow is fast and efficient. Thank you HeyOrca for being so hands on and helpful in improving our work, and making us look good in from of our clients

  • Galina Ippolito, My Clear Image