Content and context are getting married in HeyOrca 🎊

It starts with strategy.

Well, it really starts with a relationship. A relationship with a brand that has specific needs and associated brand guidelines. Then comes the strategy.

At some point (during or after the strategy) comes a goal or objective. That goal will have success criteria and the strategy will be broken down into specific initiatives, tactics, and individual tasks.

Sound familiar? There’s a ton of work that goes into planning and understanding before an Instagram post or tweet ever gets crafted. It’s that work and understanding that ultimately informs the way you build your content for clients

Content & Context – a messy relationship 🤦‍♀️

The moment a relationship with a client begins, you’re capturing information that’s important to that client’s needs, goals, and purpose. More often than not, that information is spread across multiple email threads, Google Docs, PDFs – you name it. We end up spending more time looking for the keywords we’re supposed to be using than we do actually building the content that’s targeting those keywords.

Let’s not get started on context switching…

Picture this: it’s 8:41 am and you’ve already opened up 16 tabs in your browser (or just kept them open from the day before). This happens all too often. Agency teams are constantly jumping from task to task and client to client – making it very difficult to focus on the most important work for each client.

This is most obvious when Social Media Managers and Account Managers are planning and building content calendars for their clients. Strategies have been developed around social media objectives, messaging guidelines, branding, and more that are consistently referenced while building the content calendars. When those strategies and that information isn’t easily accessible, it doesn’t allow for you to get into a flow with your work. You end up spending most of your time jumping between tabs, digging through Google Drives and email threads, and asking people where to find that contextual information just so you can do your job.

Bridging the gap with HeyOrca Notes 📝

We want to live in a world where less is more when it comes to tabs opened in your browser.

We understand that the inspiration and relevant information that will help you build content calendars will probably come from all over – different resources, different people, different everything.

That’s why we’re incorporating Notes into a HeyOrca near you. A dedicated space to store the information that helps you do your job. No more endless hunting through emails or searching through Google Drives. Just the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

We’re marrying content and context – finally.

HeyOrca is already organizing your content calendars by client and now you can organize all the notes related to your clients too!

When you can’t remember a client’s upcoming quarterly goal – have no fear. You know where to go. HeyOrca -> Client X -> Client X’s Goals & Objectives Note.

When you need to build a week’s worth of posts that hit on specific keywords and #hashtags – you know what to do! Check the branding/content strategy note and copy/paste away.

When you’re trying to find the latest resource to link or reference in your posts – yeah, you got it, check the note.

Here’s how the Pod is already using Notes 👀

Audrey Copeland, Digital Marketing Leader at MCCi and her team have used HeyOrca’s Notes to successfully capture important keywords and hashtags. Having relevant keywords and hashtags in the same location as the content calendar they’re creating allows Audrey’s team to eliminate unnecessary open browser tabs and save time. There’s never any doubt now about where to find the information they need to build out their social media strategy!

“We appreciate this soooo much. I’ve plugged in hashtags and we’re excited to reduce our clicks and navigation to the notes tab!” – Audrey Copeland

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