The HeyOrca product and development team has been working hard to create new features that help marketers take back their day and fight burnout! Below you’ll find the HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar Recording, a summary of all the new features that have been released in 2020, and what you can expect to see in 2021! 👇

At HeyOrca, our number one principle is to obsess over our customers’ problems! This is the key ingredient that allows us to achieve our mission of helping marketers take back their day and fight burnout. 🙌

We continuously work with our customers to solicit feedback and uncover new ways to help marketers save time on managing social media accounts and client collaboration. Based on this feedback, we’ve released a number of new features in 2020 and have planned out even more for 2021! 🥳

Keep scrolling to see the HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar Recording & learn about the following features

New Features Released in 2020:

New Features Planned for 2021:

HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar Recording:

HeyOrca Feature Spotlight Webinar

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