After months of hard work, equal parts coding, user interviews, and caffeine, we are proud to release HeyOrca 2.0 – a constellation of content planning features, brought to life by our newly minted user experience.

HeyOrca 2.0 combines all of your customer feedback (thank you!) with our mission of becoming the most robust and affordable solution for agency social media planning and client approvals.

Here’s what’s new in HeyOrca 2.0:

Completely redesigned user experience

We redesigned HeyOrca from the ground up to make it even easier to access to all the tools you need to win at #AgencyLife. You can easily maneuver between teams, libraries, and calendar all in one fell swoop. No batteries required.

Content Library to store drafts, evergreen posts and templates

Use your content library to plan and retain posts outside of your calendar, even after you schedule them! This is a great way to store templates and your evergreen content for regular use.

HeyOrca 2.0 Content Library

Media Library with unlimited storage

Need a repository for all those cat GIFs and videos? Store them in your media library! We’ll even throw in unlimited storage because you’re out of this world.

HeyOrca 2.0 Media Library

Labels for ads and boosting

Your clients will easily spot which posts are written as ads or to be boosted by labeling posts with convenient corner tabs to indicate which is which! Comes in orange and purple.

HeyOrca 2.0 Label Ads Boost

Bulk Planning to easily populate your calendar

Watch out, here comes our new and nifty bulk planner! If you need to plan content for specific days at a specific time on a weekly basis, we’ve got you covered.

HeyOrca 2.0 bulk plan posts

Track events and campaigns on your calendar

It can be tricky to keep track of all the events and campaigns for your clients to plan posts around. Label your client calendar with event strips so you can easily see what’s coming up! Bonus points: It’s colour coordinated to your liking!

HeyOrca 2.0 Event Strips Campaign Label

Mobile app for Instagram publishing

We came up with an innovative way to get around Instagram’s pesky API limitations that don’t allow for third-parties to post from outside of the native Instagram app. With the HeyOrca mobile app, you can easily post scheduled content onto Instagram in a snap!

HeyOrca 2.0 mobile app instagram publishing

We’re just getting started!

A whale-sized thanks to everybody who has helped us get this far. We’re humbled by the number of people who enjoy HeyOrca and recommend it to friends and colleagues – we wouldn’t be here without you.

While the release of 2.0 is a huge milestone for us, the best is yet to come! We continue to listen to our customers’ requests, and are working like a school of energetic clownfish to elevate HeyOrca to the next level.

Expect big things in the months ahead!


The HeyOrca Team

HeyOrca 2.0 team Canada Day

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