We built HeyOrca to solve the problem of collaboration between marketing teams and their stakeholders that exists when planning and generating content. In this blog post, We’ll share our favorite HeyOrca features that help us streamline our content creation and collaboration workflow.

Shareable Link

If you’ve used Google Docs before, this will be a familiar experience. On HeyOrca, you can pick the content that you want to share with your team members and generate a shareable link that you can then share with your team members and stakeholders. They don’t even need a HeyOrca account to view the shared content!

Mention Collaborators

To make communication seamless, you can @mention your team members in the comments section and they will get a notification on their HeyOrca account and via email notifying them that they have been mentioned in a particular post.

Real-Time Editing

HeyOrca allows you to collaborate in real time. When communicating with your team members or stakeholders, you can have real-time discussions while editing the content. When posts get approved, HeyOrca records it in the audit trail section for maximum transparency.

Comment and Audit Trail

Comments: Your team can now provide dynamic feedback on a particular post in the comments section. The feedback is in real time, so you can have a conversation with your team members in the comments section.

Audit Trail: There’s now an audit trail for every post so account managers and copywriters can keep tabs on the changes made to a particular post. You will be able to see who made changes to or approved particular posts.

HeyOrca Comment Trail

Emoji Support

Emojis have now become a popular part of online communication. It personalizes a brand while standing up to trend. A report even suggests that it makes you popular! We realized how important these emoticons are for a brand’s content strategy, so of course, HeyOrca had to get in on the action!




When you create a post in HeyOrca, there will be a smiley emoji in the bottom left of the text box. Click on it and you will find a library of emojis waiting for you to discover. The recent tab will save the ones that you’ve recently used so that you can easily reuse them in future posts.💁

Not sure what some of these emoticons mean? Here’s a great guide to emojis and the meanings behind some of the more popular ones 😎

Schedule Multiple Pictures

HeyOrca will allow you and your clients to visualize how it’s going to look before it goes live! You can post up to 4 pictures at one time. You can then copy to any other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Once approved, the post will publish at the set time!

Watch our video for a short walkthrough:

Copy Posts

You are now able to copy posts across different social channels on HeyOrca. Once you have your post crafted for one of the channels, just hit the copy icon on the top left of your post editor.

save time

Select the desired channel that you want the post to be copied to and the post will then be copied over with the same content and time.

p.s Don’t worry, you can still change the content of the posts after 😉

LinkedIn Support

LinkedIn is now supported on HeyOrca! Go to the Team tab and scroll down to the “Channels” section. Click on Add Channels, then select LinkedIn and the LinkedIn page that you want to link to that particular team.


Time Zone Setting

The Time Zone function allows you to set different teams to different time zones. No more mental math when planning out social media posts for your clients.

time zone

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