What is a GIF?

A graphics interchange format is a graphic image on a webpage that plays continuously, automatically. Sprouting from their popularity on Tumblr, GIFs now call Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites their new home via the gift of autoplay.

A recent study concluded that over 40% of websites use GIFs.

Last month, Starbucks posted a GIF on Facebook that promoted a special rewards program which had over 5,600 shares, 3,200 comments and 32,000 likes. The GIF is a short animation of different Starbucks products dancing their way across a table – a total of 8 seconds long. This is a considerable increase of consumer engagement compared to videos or photos.

GIFs have become a medium of marketing and consumer engagement that cannot be ignored, and they should definitely be included in your next campaign – here’s why!

1. GIFs are a great way to showcase your brands personality, stay trendy, and have fun

GIFs can feature popular characters from TV shows and movies, celebrities, and you can even make your own. This is a great opportunity for brands to showcase their personality, stay up to date with current trends, and offer a more individualized avenue for communication with your audience. In this Koodo GIF, they’re showing their playful and cheeky side while responding to a tweet from a satisfied customer!

2. GIFs create value by educating

GIFs are also a great platform to demonstrate any hacks, tips and tricks for your audience. From learning how to operate a new application on a phone or learning how to perfect eye make-up, GIFs are a quick and easy way for your customers to learn something new about your product. Take this Samsung GIF for example – in a matter of seconds their customers have been introduced to an ultra power saving mode.

3. GIFs are a great way to promote special offers and events

If you’ve ever seen a GIF, you know how mesmerizing they can be among the infinite scrolling of text and static photos. This is a great chance to grab someone’s attention, and even better when it’s focused around a special offer or promotion! McDonald’s grabs the attention of their audience on Twitter by using a GIF to promote an NFL campaign.

4. GIFs can help relate to your audience

GIFs also give you the chance to relate to your audience by sharing similar feelings and emotions. Nothing is better than when someone identifies themselves with a brand. This Stella Artois GIF via Instagram was posted just in time for New Year’s Eve. Not only is the brand sharing a time of celebration with their audience, but New Year’s Eve is also prime time to grab a cold one.

5. GIFs are super shareable

One of the reasons why GIFs are so popular is because they’re so easy to share. If you see a GIF on a particular social networking site like Facebook, you may also have the option to share it via other social networking sites – not to mention email and text messaging. This can only broaden the scope of the audience your brand can reach!

GIFs for everyone!

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