Even though Instagram has over 75 million daily users, the majority of these people miss over 70% of their feed’s content. Since Instagram has become one of the largest social platforms – for both personal and business users – it’s become increasingly difficult to organize photos. I can’t stay in Explore too long myself without getting completely lost (among pictures of puppies, mind you.)

On March 15th, Instagram announced that a new algorithm will be launched for how feeds are organized – particularly by what Instagram deems you would find interesting and your relationships with other users. This means that Instagram will have a more Facebook-esque feed, by no longer organizing posts in a chronological order.

On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed. What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.”
Kevin Systrom, Instagram Co-Founder


To say this announcement has gone without a hitch wouldn’t be totally accurate. Though only rumors have suggested the feed’s update will launch at the end of March or early April, it still sparked a bit of a frenzy. So much, in fact, that Instagram sent a Tweet ensuring that everyone will be aware when the update is officially live. So don’t let all the#turnonyournotifications freak you out.

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What does the new Instagram algorithm mean for marketers?

The new Instagram algorithm means that while you were asleep, and your favourite retailer posted a photo of new merchandise or promotions, the post will be waiting for you. Regardless of how many accounts you follow, you won’t have to worry about endless scrolling through posts made over 14 hours ago. The switch to an algorithm that isn’t time-based means brands now have more ability than ever to reach the most loyal of followers.

The new trend in online marketing is known as micro-targeting; paying to communicate posts to specified audiences in-feed.This is why so many brands have shared #turnonyournotifications posts. Brands are ensuring their posts will still reach their specified audience, rather than have faith in reaching their audience organically. However, this also means that if your online marketing strategy budget is pretty lean, your content may get lost among other paid posts.

What if you don’t have the budget for paid Instagram posts?

  1. Use relevant hashtags!
  2. Time your posts when you know your target audience will active!
  3. Review your most successful posts and try to replicate them! (Be strategic)


Though the new Instagram algorithm may seem intimidating, the creators of Instagram ensure that the transition will not be sudden and are aware of how people may react to the change. They are also encouraging feedback as the update rolls out.

If its one thing we do really well as a company, it’s that we take big change slowly and deliberately and bring the community along with us. It’s not like people will wake up tomorrow and have a different Instagram.
Kevin Systrom, Instagram Co-Founder

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