As we all know, social media platforms are constantly changing and including new and improved updates week after week. One feature that is only getting bigger and better is Instagram Reels.

With 71% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 being on Instagram, it’s a playground you definitely want to play in, no matter what industry you’re in. A recent study conducted by Deposit Video highlighted users’ opinions on video content on social media.

  • 69% of the respondents prefer short videos
  • 85% said they would like to see more video content from businesses
  • 18 hours a week is the average time spent watching videos
  • 87% of marketers say that video provides positive ROI

The proof is in the pudding! Video content is taking over the scene. But, don’t worry! We’re here to help you along the way (we even have a step-by-step guide walking you through how to create a Reel).

Within HeyOrca, you actually have the ability to plan, collaborate and schedule your Instagram Reels! To learn more about this exciting feature, click here.

The hardest part of creating Reels content is figuring out what to film. We have created a list of 10 simple ideas that will only take you a few minutes to film. You’re welcome!

Simple Instagram Reels Ideas to Post Today

1. Feature your employees

When I look at a company’s Instagram profile, I always look for posts that feature their team. Having this personal touch really adds a sense of community to an Instagram page. Showing your audience that you have an incredible team can do wonders for brand loyalty!

A quick way to create a Reel that features an employee is to get them to answer a few questions throughout the video. Remember – it does not have to be long! Short videos are the way to go. Some questions you could ask your employee include:

  • What is your name and role?
  • How long have you been with the company?
  • What is your favourite part of your job?
  • What do you like to do on weekends?

Including these question prompts will make it easy for your employee and for the editor of the Reel. 

Check out this Reel from @shinewithnatasha!

2. Highlight your favourite product/service your company has to offer

It’s always interesting to see what services and products at a company are their employees’ favourites. Taking a Reel of someone talking about this topic and giving a quick tutorial is a great way to raise awareness for features that your audience may not know much about.

Check out our CEO giving you the inside scoop about his favourite HeyOrca feature, Copy Posts!

3. Are you hiring?

If your company is hiring, highlighting the available roles as a Reel is a great way to spread awareness! It’s a fun way to showcase what that job is and how to apply. With the incredible reach Reels receive, you’ll be attracting a lot more people to the role compared to a job posting on your website.

We were hiring recently and took to Instagram to find our perfect candidate!

4. A news or update round up within your industry

If you’re in an industry that has constant updates (like us with social media), it is super beneficial to your followers to do a quick recap of those updates. Everyone is so caught up in their day-to-day tasks that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

Every week, we post a “HeyOrca Weekly Brief” Reel that essentially covers all of the top headlines in social media news from the past week (we also send these updates straight to your inbox with our HeyOrca Weekly Brief newsletter. Click here to join). 

This keeps our followers entertained and up to date!

5. A how-to regarding your product or service

If your company offers a product or service, it’s beneficial for your viewers to see how it works. This is important for non-customer viewers since they are on your page for a reason! If you can showcase your product or service in a short Reel, this could turn that non-customer into a happy paying customer.

We recently released our new Bio Link feature and our Customer Success Manager, Casey, gave us a quick how-to. Check it out!

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6. A how-to around contacting your sales or support teams

One goal for social media content is to create a community and the other goal is to bring in those customers and sales! A great Reel idea is to show your audience how they can contact a member of your sales team or how to contact a member of the support team. This is super beneficial for new and existing customers. 

Dubsado does a great job illustrating how to get in touch with their support team in this Reel below.

7. A day in the life

Let’s be real – we’re all a little nosey. That’s why “a day in the life” videos are so fascinating and perform so well! It’s so interesting to see different roles in the company and how their typical day runs. It also portrays this sense of personality and community on your page.

Take a peak at Hubspot’s Reel highlighting a day in the life of a Marketer.

8. Welcome new clients

Welcoming new clients in a Reel format is always a fun idea. Not only does this show your audience that your business is growing, but it also gives that client some free promotion. Free promotion never hurts, right? 

Grab some inspo from this welcome Reel from The Social Gourmet!

9. Educational content

What does your company know the most about? Put that wealth of knowledge in a Reel! Viewers are coming to your Instagram page to learn something. With educational content, your viewers will walk away with a new piece of knowledge and they may even turn into a customer. Your followers may even save that Reel so that they can watch it again in the future!

Hubspot does a great job of this in their below Reel highlighting what causes customer churn.

10. Hop on that latest Instagram Reel trend!

If you are all over TikTok and Reels trends, this one’s for you! The viral trends change week to week, but if you find one that can relate back to your brand in a humorous way, go for it! If you are stuck wondering what the current trends are, don’t worry! The Instagram Creators account posts a Reels Trend Report each week.

Check out Dubsado’s Reel highlighting their features and how they would dance in the club! 💃

See, I told you! There are so many quick and simple Instagram Reels ideas that can be created. All you need is to set aside 10 minutes to film and you’re good to go.

We are seeing a major shift to video content, so it’s beneficial for you and your brand to incorporate this method into your content calendars. To keep up with all of the latest social trends like Instagram Reels, join our newsletter! We send out a Weekly Brief every Monday with the latest social media updates from the past week.

Now that you have the ideas, check out our Reels Step by Step Guide to learn how to create Reels within Instagram, add effects, music, and more!

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