As part of an overall marketing strategy, many companies turn to marketing agencies to handle social media and content marketing. However, it seems these days that companies are firing agencies left, right, and center – what’s going on? The role of an agency is to create a consistent and effective brand presence, promoting relationships between brands and their clients, all while driving real sales and results. No easy task. You need to determine what makes the top marketing agency successful, and apply those traits to your own.

We’ve narrowed down five traits of successful agencies and how they use them to attract and keep clients.

5 Characteristics Of A Successful Marketing Agency

1. The People

People First

Teachers, parents, and coaches always said that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Well I hate to admit it, but they were right. It’s exactly the same when it comes to agencies. When hiring the right personnel, don’t only consider things just like skill set – what about the genuine fit within your agency? Fostering collaboration among employees who are enthusiastic and passionate about their work will drive results – and clients will reap the benefits.

2. Transparency

Visibility & Transparency

I love a good bagel, and when packages promote healthier options that still taste good, I’m all for trying them – until I realize that the bagel actually tastes like cardboard. Personally, I would rather have the bagel that tastes like a bagel than some seed-cracker thing in disguise. Nobody likes being mislead, especially when it comes to reporting data or results. Yes, being able to say you had a certain amount of impressions, or shares, or followers is great – but there’s only so much you can take from those numbers. It’s important that as an agency, you have actual data-driven results you can give to your client. So if you really want to impress your client’s, back up your social metrics with real, data-driven results. It doesn’t matter how pretty the packaging is on those bagels. If they don’t taste like bagels, there’s a problem. Real results and real data will always be more important than vanity. At the end of the day, successful agencies focus on the long-term growth and revenue of a client.

3. Customer Driven

Customer driven

Reliable agencies should be well versed on acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. Utilizing and gaining the right knowledge about customers will help them meet these needs and create value. Agencies should be able to prioritize campaigns and marketing surrounding customer needs and characteristics. Actively segmenting customers and coming up with other ways of being proactive shows initiative. Customer needs and wants are continuously changing, so it’s important that marketing efforts match those changes.

4. Ongoing Learning

Ongoing Learning

There is nothing more telling of someone than his or her willing to learn. Agencies who promote ongoing learning are continuously bettering themselves by promoting growth both on an individual, and organizational level. Agencies who stay on top of new marketing strategies, platforms, or technologies will ensure that their clients have access to new innovations and will hopefully be able to incorporate those developments into future campaigns. Giving team members the chance to broaden their knowledge or skill set of a particular area will also boost confidence. So both clients and agencies benefit – what could be better?!

5. Content, Content, Content

content is king

Whether your content is a video, blog, or podcast, as long as it’s valuable and engaging, content will never go astray. Content is also a great tool when considering the different stages of the sales funnel and can also help to shape purchasing decisions. Agencies can leverage content for thought leadership, which may lead to customers sharing that content with others via social platforms. Never underestimate the power of personalization and storytelling. Offering content that tailors to each customer, or relaying stories to your audience are great ways to approach content creation. How well you execute content is in direct correlation with how well customers can find you among all the noise of other agencies!

Many people think that marketing can be left in the hands of creatives and that’s that. But marketing is an investment, like any other part of your business. Agencies need to be held responsible for engaging your customers while driving results at the same time to grow your business.

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