When it comes to weekly social media reporting, you need to give your clients a quick yet thorough rundown of how their channels are performing, without killing multiple hours to do it. Streamlining the communication process with your clients is key to providing a better client experience.

So we asked our agency friends what metrics their clients want to see week-by-week, and created a Facebook analytics template for agencies using Google Spreadsheets.

Get The Facebook Analytics Template For Agencies Below

To copy the social media report to your own Google Drive, click the File menu and select “Make a Copy.”

A Sample Report:


Just fill in your weekly post information, engagement and follower metrics, and voila! A clean looking report will be generated that makes the impact of your social media work easy to see.

Filling out your report is as easy as apple pie. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Post Reach and Engagement

Filling out the Content Metrics section acts as a table summary for your original content from the past week, and automatically calculates and fills in the reach and engagement section of your Client Report.

  • Navigate to the Content Metrics tab.
  • For all posts from your reporting week you wish to highlight, fill out the following:
    • Date published
    • Post summary
    • Type (Organic / Boosted / Ad)
    • Organic Reach
    • Boosted Reach
    • Reactions
    • Comments
    • Shares
    • Post Clicks
  • Please note: Total Reach and Total Engagement will automatically sum

Step 2: Account Growth

Filling out the Account Growth section will automatically generate a chart in the Client Report, allowing clients to quickly see how big their follower gain was on each day of the week.

  • Navigate to the Account Growth tab.
  • Replace the “Day X” headers with the dates from the week you are reporting on.
  • For each day, record the number of followers below the headers.
  • Please note: Weekly Total will automatically sum

Step 3: Top 5 Posts of the Week

This section of the Client Report is used to showcase the top 5 performing posts of the previous week to your client. This section must be filled in manually, but the fields can be copy and pasted from the Content Metrics section.

You can correlate the performance of these posts with your Reach & Engagement numbers in the following section for notes.

Step 4: Content Game Plan

This section is for notes on the previous week’s performance and next steps to be taken. This is a great place to highlight both successes and challenges, and ensure your client knows that you aware of any issues and have a plan to address them.

We hope you find this Facebook analytics template for agencies helpful, and helps you better manage your time while managing the needs to your many clients. Feel free to drop us a line on our corner website chat box or tweet to us at @HeyOrca to provide us with feedback.

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