Welcome to our Agency Spotlight series! Each article will feature pioneers of the #agencylife and how they run their businesses in the modern world. This week, Digital Marketing Agency, Search & Gather, chats about why digital marketing is a numbers game and how they help their clients grow through tracking.

Who are you? What is your background?

Hi I am Doug Gorrie – Co-Founder here at Search & Gather. I graduated from Business Marketing but spent years as a front-end developer focusing on conversion rate optimization.

Ive worked in government, not-for-profit, and education but my real passion developed from working for two start-ups that I helped grow. In these start-ups I had the chance to break out and create the digital marketing strategies as well as strategic partnerships, affiliate marketing, and business development.

You can say I have worn many hats.

How would you describe Search & Gather?

At our core we are a performance marketing company that focuses on testing to improve growth and revenue for our clients businesses.

What does Search & Gather do especially well? What is your specialty?

We specialize in everything paid digital marketing, along with conversion optimization and tracking. If we can track it then we can help improve and grow it.

S&G is platform agnostic, this ensures that we can bring the most value to our clients. We grow companies through the big players such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon; but we are also well versed in secondary sources such as Twitter, Reddit, Microsoft, Capterra, Pinterest, Spotify…the list goes on.

Tracking is also crucial to all of our campaigns. We always like to work down to end revenue to understand and track every step of the customer journey. We also do all of our creative in-house which helps us test fast and raise conversion rates efficiently.

Our company values I would say we do very well:


How would you describe your workplace/office culture?

Our goal at Search & Gather has always been to redefine how a digital agency works with clients and each other. To achieve this we needed to restructure how an agency was built. Every employee at S&G is an owner (or on track to be an owner) and directly benefits from our clients’ success. We care about every account and enjoy the challenge and responsibility of growing our clients’ leads and revenue. We also really strive to have a good work/life balance with 2 work from home days and a flex start time.

I think our culture and workplace is summed up by our values and the trust we place in our team members.

Where do you see the future of paid ads in digital marketing?

Tough question, I think the reason we love this industry so much is because for the most part its unpredictable and we have to keep on learning and challenging ourselves. The one thing that will never leave and I think will be more important than ever is creativity and challenging the capabilities of these platforms.

If you are interested to learn more about Search & Gather and potentially working with them, visit their site here and shoot them a line.

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