Welcome to our Agency Spotlight series! Each article will feature pioneers of the #agencylife and how they run their businesses in the modern world. This week, Ignite Social Media explains why they only focus on social media marketing to deliver the best knowledge and results to their clients.

Who are you? What is your background?

Deidre Lambert-Bounds is President of Ignite Social Media. She is a marketing executive who has spent more than 27 years providing strategic marketing solutions to multi-billion dollar global brands. Deidre has built a successful career by broadening her experience across a variety of marketing platforms and a multitude of industries, including healthcare, automotive, educational, retail and hospitality.

How would you describe Ignite Social Media?

Ignite is a leader in providing marketing solutions. We use technology and psychology to solve marketing challenges that deliver tangible results to our clients. We work with clients in hospitality, retail, packaged goods, technology, and automotive industries, just to name a few.

Unlike ad agencies, digital agencies, or media agencies that treat social as an add-on or another ad platform, we have been 100% focused on social media marketing for 12+ years. Since social media is all that we do, it allows us to be completely immersed in the ever-changing social landscape. We have six core values that have become our north star for all that we do: always learning, respect, collaboration, buttoned-up, great workplace and client success.


What does Ignite Social Media do especially well? What is your specialty?

Social media marketing is our niche. We are a full-service social media company. We provide services in every discipline of social media marketing: strategy and consulting, community management, content production, promotions, and influencer marketing, paid media management, and reporting and insights.

We are especially good at providing innovative, data-driven solutions to solve marketing problems. Everything we do is based on achieving our clients’ business objectives as we look to be an extension of their team. We’ve built over 10 custom social value models for social media marketing.

What digital tactics have you found worked in your client’s industry?

We start with a strategic framework for every client challenge. We have found that using a blueprint of sorts helps to not only set the course, but it gets and keeps everyone on the same page with goals and objectives. It also gives us something to look back on to determine if we’re meeting stated goals.

In terms of tactics that we have seen work for our clients, immersive media is at the top of the list. We continue to see video content getting prioritized in social feeds and people spending more time-consuming story content.

We have also seen that taking a strategic approach to paid social media targeting matters. Picking the right audiences, ad units, media type and objective for each stage of the customer journey can save your marketing dollars. For one of our clients, we were able to decrease the cost per referral by 62% through effective targeting.

Any digital trends that are captivating your attention at the moment?

We are seeing reviews playing a stronger role in influencing the customer journey. According to data by Vocus, 68% of consumers are going to social networking sites to read product reviews. Brands should look to incorporate review style content into their content mix.

With online browsing, the rise of mobile e-commerce, and voice-activated devices customers are ultimately looking for a frictionless buying experience. From Facebook’s State of Disruption report, they found that an estimated $213 billion of revenue is lost because of friction each year in the US. Brands need to look at how they can produce thumb-stopping content that drives action, especially with the younger audiences with short attention spans.

Finally, we think the trend of how marketers gather and use customer data is here to stay. The restrictions to utilizing third-party data in targeting on Facebook, combined with GDPR regulations for verifying first-party data for custom audiences will encourage many marketers to place higher value on first-party data, rather than relying too heavily on Facebook. We strongly encourage our clients to take a renewed interest in owning their own data.

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